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Selling Gas Cylinders in Greenfield, OH

Ameritanx has been selling both new and used gas cylinders out of Greenfield, OH for more than 20 years. Family-owned and operated, we are constantly working to keep a large, diverse inventory of new and used compressed gas cylinders for the Medical, Welding, and Beverage industries so that we can get your order shipped as soon as possible.

To ensure the highest quality, we refurbish and examine all of the gas cylinders we buy. With our DOT-certified hydrotesting facility, we assess our gas cylinders, making sure that each cylinder is the finest quality. We are efficient, following the most precise procedures to make sure that your cylinders are durable and safe.

New Gas Cylinders
Used Gas Cylinders

New Industrial Cylinders

CO2 USED Compressed Gas Cylinders

Industrial USED Compressed Gas Cylinders

Medical USED Compressed Gas Cylinders

We carry new and used:

  • LP tanks
  • Aluminum and Steel Cylinders (new and come in most sizes)
  • Cylinder Hard Parts and Accessories including:
    • Sherwood Valves
    • Dip Tubes
    • Safeties
    • Caps
    • Custom Neck Rings
    • Paint
  • And More!

When you purchase over 100 cylinders, you get free shipping! You will receive your gas cylinders quickly, and each one will be handled with care, no matter how big your order is.

We are located in Greenfield, OH, but our services are worldwide. You are never too far!

Call or email us for a quote! Contact us and let us know how Ameritanx can serve you.

1-800-AIR-TANX (1-800-247-8269)

Local: 937-981-2682
Fax #: 937-981-4555


12725 St Rt 41 N,
Greenfield, OH, 45123

Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm

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